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Beauty comes from the inside

Interiors are all areas that are under the roof, such as factories, various halls, libraries, museums, showrooms with furniture, then the lobby, hallways, staircases in the old and new buildings and so on. The purpose of these images is to display the internal layout, style building and furniture. To show the beauty inside the interior world.

Here are some few clues about how to shoot pictures inside, and what you should be careful about.

  •  Light. The day and the scattered light gives equally widespread lighting, and is most suitable for recording the interior. Every high contrast should be avoided.
  •  The camera must be placed on a firm tripod and flat, at a height of 1.20 meters. Often we need to capture interior wide angle lens that can capture the footage as much space. The sharpness of the image has to be the same in the front and in the back.
  •  Exposure is more difficult to specify in a dark room. There is, however, a new type of electronic light meter that measures in the dark until the exposure of 1 hour. When recording, we have to think of the details in the shadows, which also must outline capture. The choir that exposure should determine the shadows. Once will be enough 1 second, but other time will have to expose ten seconds or even few minutes. In a doubtful case we have to be safe to do two shots, one with a shorter and the other with a longer exposure. If the contrast is strong, negative, we must develop the developers to equality. With this I mean that we need to make a difference between our shots. No matter where and when the picture was taken, the difference between light and shadow need to be different as much as possible.

So, if you are ready to learn something new, and gain some new photography experience, you can start now with some improvisation because we can all see what is outside, but  “Beauty comes from the inside”.

This post was written by Melissa Landolt

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