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Facts are facts; everybody wants to make money off their hobbies. The fact of the matter is that we are suppressed in all aspects to express ourselves and for a living to actually be created off our individual talents. Society suppresses us, time suppresses us and most of all other commitments and responsibilities suppress us. CSI is the perfect solution to help individual photographer artists to create a livelihood. No commitments, simply upload your best photos and it will be streamlined for the public to see your best work. is the perfect platform which will allow your work to be seen by the vast majority all the while protecting it from being stolen by the vast majority. The platform that will give fame to your name all the while protecting and serving.
It helped me personally by, at the very least giving me a chance for my work to be seen. Of course I could upload on to my Instagram which I do anyways, however, Instagram won’t be giving me any money whereas I will make money off CSI. Best of all, it ensures that my work not be stolen by bigger companies and especially individuals unlike Instagram where everybody is uploading each other’s content now a days and not giving credit.


Incredible Shots with $40 Small Toy Car Instead of $160,000 Real Audi R8

‘Talent doesn’t require money’ – famous photographer Hernandez proves by using a $40 scale model. Hernandez commissioned by Audi for photographing their $160,000 Audi R8 car where he shows his creativity and shots incredible pictures and what shocking here is ‘he didn’t use any photoshop but only props, lights, miniature models, and in-camera effects. It’s not the first time he is doing that; he had made noise with many incredible projects. (p/p). Checkout his talent here

photo  ebda

How to make money from photography?

Everyone tries to take pictures and make money by selling them, but not a lot know where to start.

Here I will give you few tips on how to make money by selling your own photographs.

1. Master your skills and shoot until you are satisfied that your photos give yourself and others a good emotional impact. It is important that you are on a professional level. That people will want to work with you. To know when people start complimenting, ” Wow your photos are amazing” you know that you have reached your goal. It is important to show that you are really into it.

2. It is important to have your own professional looking website with a maximum of 15 photos per each category, where you will use your best work. You don’t know who is looking at your website everyday, so because of that try to have your top of the top pictures uploaded on your website.

3. Find a niche of professionals or business needing your service. That could be hotels, events, weddings, concerts etc. You are getting a lot of reputation if you take a good quality photos from hotel.

4. Get a listing of those potential prospects and study the photos they already have. Take notes on how you can make those photos even better and what would you change.

5.  100 phone calls – one deal! Tell the people who are searching for you photography, why your work will help them do better!

6.  You need to find your social media voice. Make YouTube videos that will be interesting. Show your work! Facebook is great, but Instagram is also getting a lot of reputation lately. Another great social media website is Flickr, Blogging and 500px.

7.  Post pictures at least 3 times a week!

8.  Realize that you can’t count on somebody else doing your sales or marketing for you. Do yourself first, and then marketing will come.

9.  Attract attention when talking to people about your work. Just be different and fun about it.

10.  Persist!





photo  dcbaf

The process of desensitization

Desensitization is a process by which high sensitivity layer of film can develop better visible light in a dark room and follow the course of development. First found desensitizer quickly fell out of use because it has an unpleasant property to paint everything as soon as it comes into contact. It was replaced by organic color, which was put in the market factory Agfa called Pinakriptol. Who possesses organic colors, can put it together like this:

In 1 liter of distilled water you put to melt 0.005g of blue methylene and 0.02 g of a yellow acridine. In store you can purchase ready-made pinacryptol pills, which only need to dissolve in water. This grams and ingredients are very important, but what if we did not know what color is? What if we did not know how and where to find the color?

How do colors depict lifestyles? People use colors in every part, every second in their life. Color is described as a property that surfaces have when light falls in them and is reflected or absorbed. “They depict lifestyles through the way that a person lives their life. Color clearly defines its self through the person it describes. Colors are the brightest things that we represent with the everyday living of our life and all of the colors will be with all of us who understand them, because they are with us a lifetime in everything that we do and accomplish”.

When you meet someone, you look at their eyes, you notice what kind of color they are. You notice what color their hair is and what color of shirt they are wearing. Just know that we are all surround by color, so if you want to make a good photography…make it colorful and represent the world in one special place.




A portrait is a way to see how beautiful you are

In life is important to have memories made with pictures and people. Pictures that are not just basic full body pictures, but only facial pictures. Somewhere where someone can see the smallest sparkle in your eye, the shortest hair on your head and the biggest smile on earth. Nowadays people are not really sure what portrait is, but Paul Caponigro with one sentence explained, he said “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks alike, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are”.

The most important field of photography since its invention is a portrait. Every person wants to have their own image as a document or a memory of a time that has passed and the changes that it brought.

  • The procedure in the image when shooting a person can be different. It can be: a whole person with the environment, the whole person in the whole format images shot to the knee, to the waist, head, etc.
  • The portrait shows the person that in the picture with his head, chest and shoulders. In such a recording, head is pictured near and the person is easy to recognize at first glance.There are two basic conditions to be met by portrait painting: resemblance and character. The effect of the image will be completely displayed only if we show how that person looks.
  • The similarity may be the average, daily, typical etc. Will the person in the picture look similar to themselves depends on the technique of recording, lens, lighting, expression, retouching etc.
  • Studies extraordinary expression, as are the face of the person seen at the time of excitement, elation, sadness, etc., are by themselves motives.On such images is not important similarity, but an expression on his/her face that manifested mime and gestures.

So, if you would like to take portrait these are the main parts you should be careful about.

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Life begins at night

Every person in the world has done something interesting at night that he/she will remember.They wished that they had a camera to shoot and catch the moment, but there was not camera at the moment, or there was but the picture turned out blurry. To catch your moment and make the clearest picture, I will give you some short important clues abut night shots.

Night shots are interesting, but because of the scarce light some areas of photography are restricted. For each shot you need light,  and in the night there is a little light. However, hands can make torque shots if we shoot on a bright places like some out there in the city. After all, we can’t be afraid of longer exposure if we choose peaceful objects and a camera placed on a tripod. When shooting night scenes we find ourselves in front of two extremes: one light and another dark. From them arises the contrast where the light stands out in a dark environment. The best time for shooting at night is when it rains or immediately after it, because then the air is clean and light creates reflections on the wet ground. Also in the winter when fresh snow falls whose whiteness is making more light and sparkle. When the soil is dry, night shots don’t give brilliant shots. Here are some clues:

  • Motives for nocturnal recording can be: illuminated streets, squares, neon signs, industrial systems, people from the windows and so on. Choosing a place we need to avoid is shooting the lights along the edges of the image and branches and a commitment if it moves the wind, because the longer exposure won’t capture sharp outline.
  •  The camera should stand on Tripod because the exposure will be longer. Before the lens, a hood should be placed for protection from the rain and light side.Torch will help you to see the set up screen, the exposure and distance. If it is rainy, the camera will be protected which is under an umbrella or it will be shoot from cover.
  •  Traffic in the city takes place faster than the exposure. We want to avoid to capture bright streaks of automotive reflectors, so we’ll put arm or hat  in front of the lens, and when the vehicle passes, continue with exposing. But, if you want to see night traffic vehicles in the picture, the exposure will not interrupt, so we’ll let that vehicle outline their bright mark on the film.
photo  bdefea

Beauty comes from the inside

Interiors are all areas that are under the roof, such as factories, various halls, libraries, museums, showrooms with furniture, then the lobby, hallways, staircases in the old and new buildings and so on. The purpose of these images is to display the internal layout, style building and furniture. To show the beauty inside the interior world.

Here are some few clues about how to shoot pictures inside, and what you should be careful about.

  •  Light. The day and the scattered light gives equally widespread lighting, and is most suitable for recording the interior. Every high contrast should be avoided.
  •  The camera must be placed on a firm tripod and flat, at a height of 1.20 meters. Often we need to capture interior wide angle lens that can capture the footage as much space. The sharpness of the image has to be the same in the front and in the back.
  •  Exposure is more difficult to specify in a dark room. There is, however, a new type of electronic light meter that measures in the dark until the exposure of 1 hour. When recording, we have to think of the details in the shadows, which also must outline capture. The choir that exposure should determine the shadows. Once will be enough 1 second, but other time will have to expose ten seconds or even few minutes. In a doubtful case we have to be safe to do two shots, one with a shorter and the other with a longer exposure. If the contrast is strong, negative, we must develop the developers to equality. With this I mean that we need to make a difference between our shots. No matter where and when the picture was taken, the difference between light and shadow need to be different as much as possible.

So, if you are ready to learn something new, and gain some new photography experience, you can start now with some improvisation because we can all see what is outside, but  “Beauty comes from the inside”.

photo  aacaaa

Sports shots are great for photographers

Sports recordings include wide and important areas of photography. In sports shots we want to see the well build body, elan athletes, his strength, struggle and aspiration to win. We want to see the most exciting moment, most important phase of a movement, torque which feels the tension, speed and dynamic movement. One event played in the sport only once more in the same way is not repeated. Outside playing shots are particularly needed press, which informs us through pictures of events in sports, documenting the most important moments.

– Athletic cameraman must have a good eye for observation, foresight and creating quick decisions, must be able to react extremely fast camera. For successful sports shooting is not enough to know the technique of shooting, but should also know the disciplines. Sport has many peak at event, and it should be fixed at the right time. With all this, the photographer should think about the picture and how the picture will look like after the shot.

– Technique is mainly adapted to grasp fast-moving short exposures, therefore, highly sensitive film, bright lens, practical camera, and after recording technique of rapid development and rapid production of images is important because the actuality of sports footage takes only a few days.

Sports cameraman for its professional duties has access to sports facilities. Photo – amateur will have to settle for shooting from a distance, and he will need to have a good serve telephoto lens that will make his picture be clear. He can shoot during training, when there is not a lot of action and when the player are not in a rush and nervous. This will be another change for the photo amateur to scene and maybe direct his own photo from important sport events or huge sport competitions that are happening around the world.

photo  fba

Different kind of man with a camera

Every person who is working with pictures, motives are the main objects for their interest. They are always thinking what to take picture of and would there picture be perfect. The camera is the only source that can help them catch every moment of their life.

Today a lot of people are dealing with photography. For some of them is just a trade, for some is for fun and making memories, but for others is important art activity. Here are some example of what kind of different kind of man with camera you can find.

1. Photo Amateurs arise from a beginner. Some of them become skilled cameraman from whose circuits are distinguished photo artists.

2. Expert photographers are divided into two groups. Inside photographers, for example, are portrait painters who record only in the studio, while outside photographers deal with recording industry, architecture etc…

3.  Photo reporters are often divided into those who record for logs and those who work for illustrated magazines, and of course the cameraman who deals with only one area, such as a sports recording etc.

4. Photo technicians are dealing with reproduction, marketing, technical, scientific or scientific photography. In that group are laboratory assistants and retouchers.

Photo amateur in the beginning of his photography has a certain objective: captures a variety of people, children, loved ones, group picnics, creates memories. In the beginning of the first recordings that are correctly exposed, the photographer is looking forward to when he has clear pictures, admiring the objective reproduction of reality and perfect sharpness drawings. After five hundred shots – among them there are good and bad – where is usually already gained a lot of experience,  a perfect sharpness and passing all the details become a matter of course. Some remain on it, while others want to photograph thrive and achieve even more.

Advanced amateur photo starts searching for motives. Practically work he mastered the technical side of photography, knows the flawless negative basis for a good picture, but it began to take interest for other problems that appear in pictures, such as: choice of motifs and meanings that have certain elements in the picture.

A good cameraman has artistic aspirations where each recording begins with preliminary basis, plan and images; He knows what he wants to say with the image, and the purpose is to achieve a good technical and artistic work.

Photographic speaking means to distinguish what we see and what we have in the picture. It is that motive that is not in the picture only being as seen by the lens and registers the film in the camera, but how it sees the cameraman and the picture he wants to see .

photo  cfb

There will come a time

Every photographer loves to shoot in a moving subject, something that can get a motion off. Something that will be fast like a time machine.

The bestsellers are the pictures that were made spontaneously. It is important to try different post procession and find something new and something unique. Something that with your confidence on when you make what you want, is what the customer claims and needs.

You got to know that there will come a time when you will see some issues and articles about your pictures, about your own work. There will come a time when your photography might be stolen and used in a web advertisement without you knowing about it. But, you also need to know that people can steal, but they can’t never steal what you see, feel and adapt it for commercial use. Good photographers are good in their soul because they are too busy working on their own grass to notice if someone else’s is greener.

If you are doing what you love and you are really dedicated on what you do, you can always get people and profit for your own work. For example, to make some profit from posting your hose pictures on websites, you need to have only camera and lens. Around 70-200 lens are needed so you can have the possibilities of making shots of different poses of a horse. Set your camera on a manual camera mode. Why? Because, it’s better to let conditions like weather, lighting etc, work for a good shot, and you can also control the amount of diaphragm and exposure by yourself.

So, get ready for taking pictures and making some money uploading them on websites, because like i said:

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, but then you will notice that will be the beginning of a new adventure.