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Business vocabulary is the key to successful career

All of us want to be more successful on our job. So, to be on top of the tree you need to be careful about what kind of vocabulary are you using. If you want successful business career, you must sound professional and educated. Pay attention on your vocabulary and read here what you need to avoid.


After long day of filling documents accidently some documents will drop from your hand. So, after you have spent a lot of hours filling those documents to be in order, it is very common to drop some curses. It is ok to be upset and not very careful on what kind of information your brain is giving you, but it is important to know that in conversation with your colleagues, curses are simply prohibited.


Maybe they are amiable, but for others maybe they won’t be. Coffee, pen, document and other diminutives you need to use outside of your office.


You should not root off your emphasis, but local argot, shortcuts and words that are not characteristic only for the place where you are coming from, try to avoid. Literacy is important, because of that you need to pay attention on proper expression.


The way you communicate with your coworkers and clients it’s very important. E-mails can be one source where someone can find a lot of things that you want to hide. Because of that you need to make sure that your e-mails are very clear and that the grammar in them is correct. Sometimes you would not know who you are talking to until your boss or adviser comes up to you and explain the person.

So, if you are searching for a job, applying or having an interview for, be careful and pay attention to every little detail I have explained. Trust me, you will be easy to get a job, and be an easy person to work with if you payed attention to this blog.

This post was written by Melissa Landolt

I'm Melissa, Freelance Writer. I teach women how to build successful money-making careers out of passions and write photography blogs.

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