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The process of desensitization

Desensitization is a process by which high sensitivity layer of film can develop better visible light in a dark room and follow the course of development. First found desensitizer quickly fell out of use because it has an unpleasant property to paint everything as soon as it comes into contact. It was replaced by organic color, which was put in the market factory Agfa called Pinakriptol. Who possesses organic colors, can put it together like this:

In 1 liter of distilled water you put to melt 0.005g of blue methylene and 0.02 g of a yellow acridine. In store you can purchase ready-made pinacryptol pills, which only need to dissolve in water. This grams and ingredients are very important, but what if we did not know what color is? What if we did not know how and where to find the color?

How do colors depict lifestyles? People use colors in every part, every second in their life. Color is described as a property that surfaces have when light falls in them and is reflected or absorbed. “They depict lifestyles through the way that a person lives their life. Color clearly defines its self through the person it describes. Colors are the brightest things that we represent with the everyday living of our life and all of the colors will be with all of us who understand them, because they are with us a lifetime in everything that we do and accomplish”.

When you meet someone, you look at their eyes, you notice what kind of color they are. You notice what color their hair is and what color of shirt they are wearing. Just know that we are all surround by color, so if you want to make a good photography…make it colorful and represent the world in one special place.




A portrait is a way to see how beautiful you are

In life is important to have memories made with pictures and people. Pictures that are not just basic full body pictures, but only facial pictures. Somewhere where someone can see the smallest sparkle in your eye, the shortest hair on your head and the biggest smile on earth. Nowadays people are not really sure what portrait is, but Paul Caponigro with one sentence explained, he said “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks alike, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are”.

The most important field of photography since its invention is a portrait. Every person wants to have their own image as a document or a memory of a time that has passed and the changes that it brought.

  • The procedure in the image when shooting a person can be different. It can be: a whole person with the environment, the whole person in the whole format images shot to the knee, to the waist, head, etc.
  • The portrait shows the person that in the picture with his head, chest and shoulders. In such a recording, head is pictured near and the person is easy to recognize at first glance.There are two basic conditions to be met by portrait painting: resemblance and character. The effect of the image will be completely displayed only if we show how that person looks.
  • The similarity may be the average, daily, typical etc. Will the person in the picture look similar to themselves depends on the technique of recording, lens, lighting, expression, retouching etc.
  • Studies extraordinary expression, as are the face of the person seen at the time of excitement, elation, sadness, etc., are by themselves motives.On such images is not important similarity, but an expression on his/her face that manifested mime and gestures.

So, if you would like to take portrait these are the main parts you should be careful about.

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Sports shots are great for photographers

Sports recordings include wide and important areas of photography. In sports shots we want to see the well build body, elan athletes, his strength, struggle and aspiration to win. We want to see the most exciting moment, most important phase of a movement, torque which feels the tension, speed and dynamic movement. One event played in the sport only once more in the same way is not repeated. Outside playing shots are particularly needed press, which informs us through pictures of events in sports, documenting the most important moments.

– Athletic cameraman must have a good eye for observation, foresight and creating quick decisions, must be able to react extremely fast camera. For successful sports shooting is not enough to know the technique of shooting, but should also know the disciplines. Sport has many peak at event, and it should be fixed at the right time. With all this, the photographer should think about the picture and how the picture will look like after the shot.

– Technique is mainly adapted to grasp fast-moving short exposures, therefore, highly sensitive film, bright lens, practical camera, and after recording technique of rapid development and rapid production of images is important because the actuality of sports footage takes only a few days.

Sports cameraman for its professional duties has access to sports facilities. Photo – amateur will have to settle for shooting from a distance, and he will need to have a good serve telephoto lens that will make his picture be clear. He can shoot during training, when there is not a lot of action and when the player are not in a rush and nervous. This will be another change for the photo amateur to scene and maybe direct his own photo from important sport events or huge sport competitions that are happening around the world.

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There will come a time

Every photographer loves to shoot in a moving subject, something that can get a motion off. Something that will be fast like a time machine.

The bestsellers are the pictures that were made spontaneously. It is important to try different post procession and find something new and something unique. Something that with your confidence on when you make what you want, is what the customer claims and needs.

You got to know that there will come a time when you will see some issues and articles about your pictures, about your own work. There will come a time when your photography might be stolen and used in a web advertisement without you knowing about it. But, you also need to know that people can steal, but they can’t never steal what you see, feel and adapt it for commercial use. Good photographers are good in their soul because they are too busy working on their own grass to notice if someone else’s is greener.

If you are doing what you love and you are really dedicated on what you do, you can always get people and profit for your own work. For example, to make some profit from posting your hose pictures on websites, you need to have only camera and lens. Around 70-200 lens are needed so you can have the possibilities of making shots of different poses of a horse. Set your camera on a manual camera mode. Why? Because, it’s better to let conditions like weather, lighting etc, work for a good shot, and you can also control the amount of diaphragm and exposure by yourself.

So, get ready for taking pictures and making some money uploading them on websites, because like i said:

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, but then you will notice that will be the beginning of a new adventure.

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The Art of Simple Photography

At the heart of photography is that the idea that you’re passing on a message to your viewers. Maybe you wish to call attention to the sweetness of a water or the show of a mind blowing dawn. On the other hand, you may would like to delineate the dull force of a rugged summit. A photo with an unmistakable message might be as viable as could reasonably be expected; its creation, hues, topic, and lighting all add to the feeling that you just are endeavoring to pass on. Also, more than the other piece of synthesis, the idea of straightforwardness helps you make a living this objective. In this article, I will cowl the routes in which inside which straightforwardness plays an assignment in thundering photography, including however to actualize it to help your own photos.

There are 2 assortments of effortlessness that matter for the necessities of this content. The primary includes the scene before of your camera; a few scenes square measure simpler than others. A scene, for instance, might be a nothing over a field of grass with moving slopes inside the separation; or, it might be a woodland with unnumerable trees and vines decussate from every heading before of your camera. The primary scene, obviously, is much simpler than the second.

As a scene develops in intricacy, it turns out to be logically a considerable measure of extreme to weave thundering creations. Indeed, even master picture takers can conceivable acknowledge it extreme to photo a disorganized backwoods; they may even change their errand by work in the little print of just one tree. Interestingly, a moving field of grass presents few difficulties with respect to creation; on the off chance that you photo the scene in great lighting, it isn’t difficult to fabricate a thundering picture.

Particularly as a novice, it is far simpler to represent considerable authority in capturing simple scenes. As an illustration, despite everything I show a couple pictures from my most punctual days of photography, despite the fact that I had practically zero apply with arrangement at the time. These pictures succeed as a consequence of I shot a scene with basically a couple purposes of enthusiasm; in option words, I didn’t gnaw off to any degree more distant than I could bite.

Saying this doesn’t imply that that perplexing or tumultuous scenes should be evaded; they just have a tendency to require a considerable measure of push to photo. In any case, I am certain that you basically have seen remarkable pictures of rain forests and option occupied scenes, regardless of their multifaceted nature. The more footage you take, the simpler it’ll get to be to photo scenes like this. As an apprentice, however, it is most straightforward to require thundering pictures on the off chance that you have some expertise in simple scenes – in spite of the fact that you take in a considerable measure of by dynamic with scenes that square quantify harder.

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Total Lunar Eclipse

An aggregate eclipse, which is an uncommon occasion, will happen this evening/tomorrow morning (contingent upon wherever you live). Regardless of what camera and lens blend you have (the more drawn out the lens, the better), have a go at acquiring out and shooting the eclipse. It genuinely is an uncommon overshadowing, on the grounds that we have a tendency to won’t see something like this till no less than 2015!

In the event that you have never shot the moon, see my bitty gritty article on however to photo the moon. When you wrap up the article, read the following article while in transit to photo an eclipse and start getting prepared your apparatus!

For more information on the overshadowing, please see NASA’s eclipse site. On the off chance that you are inside the North American nation, the nearer you territory unit to the geographic locale, the better the read. Ontario ought to watch the totality at around 8:40 AM.

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Wildlife Photography

Best Lens for Wildlife Photography? On the off chance that I had a nickel for every time i used to be posed this question, I could resign. It’s an exceptionally basic and extremely legitimate inquiry to raise. What’s more, to get straight to the point, there is no one or right response to the present inquiry. What’s more, that is for some reasons from you, the picture taker to the subject and most fundamentally, to the story you need to educate alongside your photo. Yet, there is a separation that gets utilized over and again and that i feel is that the best one in any case.

400mm, you can’t come up short with this separation however you get to that. It’s the central length I began with and depended on for the essential years of my profession. It’s the lessons I gained from that lens and a couple of the photos it made that got me to the present reason. You can get to the present separation in some ways, 300mm f/4 with a converter, 80-400mm, 200-400mm or a 400mm prime. Regardless of how you arrive or that lens you have, you have consistent point of perspective and that is vital.

Point of perspective, how bottomless of the globe you see around your subject, that is the means by which I accept of it. Untamed life photography is frightfully inexhaustible with respect to narrating. What’s the subject doing, why did you take it’s photograph, in what capacity will it survive, a hilarious minute and along these lines significantly more are regularly sent in exactly a single tick depending on what elective parts you fuse with the theme inside the edge. That is the place point of read becomes possibly the most important factor.

The key part of the 400mm is its MFD. Least Focusing Distance regularly assumes a substantial part inside the narrating. Numerous expect of it as to picture measure anyway i feel of it with respect of doing The Dance. The Dance is the place you utilize the separation to prohibit all the undesirable segments amid a casing while you epitomize every one of the individuals who recount the story. You can {do it|roll inside the hay|love|make out|make love|sleep with|get laid|have sex|know|be intimate|have intercourse|have it away|have it off|screw|fuck|jazz|eff|hump|lie with|bed|have a go at it|bang|get it on|bonk|copulate|mate|pair|couple} with any separation aside from life and especially in the beginning, the 400mm just exceeds expectations at The Dance.