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Different kind of man with a camera

Every person who is working with pictures, motives are the main objects for their interest. They are always thinking what to take picture of and would there picture be perfect. The camera is the only source that can help them catch every moment of their life.

Today a lot of people are dealing with photography. For some of them is just a trade, for some is for fun and making memories, but for others is important art activity. Here are some example of what kind of different kind of man with camera you can find.

1. Photo Amateurs arise from a beginner. Some of them become skilled cameraman from whose circuits are distinguished photo artists.

2. Expert photographers are divided into two groups. Inside photographers, for example, are portrait painters who record only in the studio, while outside photographers deal with recording industry, architecture etc…

3.  Photo reporters are often divided into those who record for logs and those who work for illustrated magazines, and of course the cameraman who deals with only one area, such as a sports recording etc.

4. Photo technicians are dealing with reproduction, marketing, technical, scientific or scientific photography. In that group are laboratory assistants and retouchers.

Photo amateur in the beginning of his photography has a certain objective: captures a variety of people, children, loved ones, group picnics, creates memories. In the beginning of the first recordings that are correctly exposed, the photographer is looking forward to when he has clear pictures, admiring the objective reproduction of reality and perfect sharpness drawings. After five hundred shots – among them there are good and bad – where is usually already gained a lot of experience,  a perfect sharpness and passing all the details become a matter of course. Some remain on it, while others want to photograph thrive and achieve even more.

Advanced amateur photo starts searching for motives. Practically work he mastered the technical side of photography, knows the flawless negative basis for a good picture, but it began to take interest for other problems that appear in pictures, such as: choice of motifs and meanings that have certain elements in the picture.

A good cameraman has artistic aspirations where each recording begins with preliminary basis, plan and images; He knows what he wants to say with the image, and the purpose is to achieve a good technical and artistic work.

Photographic speaking means to distinguish what we see and what we have in the picture. It is that motive that is not in the picture only being as seen by the lens and registers the film in the camera, but how it sees the cameraman and the picture he wants to see .

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