Can i use your free photos for my commercial projects?
Our Free photos are licensed under Creative Commons. Which mean you’re completely free to use them in any aspect for free or commercial projects. You don’t need to attribute the author or either.What is Royalty Free Licence?
Photos licensed under Royalty Free Licence aren’t free and you must buy them in order to use for your free or commercial projects. Purchased item can only be used for one project. If you want to use for more than one project or domain, you must buy that item again.

How do i get 100% of my earnings, when you keep 10%?
We do not keep any amount that user makes, Paypal charges $0.5+2.9% per checkout. Which makes 10%, if you make a sale of $1. But if your Photo is priced more than $1.00, then we get few cents profit per sale. But as per our No Commission policy, we give away beautiful gifts back to our randomly chosen authors every month.

Why do you charge $2.00 for payment Requests?
Again Paypal charges us $2.00 for mass payments for users outside of Canada. But in-case we make any profit from this manner. We add it to our giveaways collection

How long does it take for the payments to process?
As all our payments requests are double checked manually by our staff. Payment processing time is around 24 hours. We send you an email as soon as your payment is processed.