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From the other angle in the world of photography

In life the most interesting experience is showing someone something they haven’t seen. Something that is not usual and that you can’t find or see at any corner, but it is something that you can make simple and beautiful for every eye. After all the ups and downs, it is fun to know that photographers travel the world just to find something unique to shoot so they can make their pictures be different from everyone else’s. The special moment is when you show your picture to someone who has not seen something like that from another angle, and you notice that you got their attention. Then you know that no matter how hard it was, your work for searching new subject paid off, or with other words it means that it’s better to see someone laugh about how different your pictures are, but it’s the best feeling to laugh at someone because their pictures are all the same.

A better way to make something interesting and new is to “shoot the familiar in an unfamiliar way”. Then you receive the element of surprise. That moment when the person who is looking at your picture it’s not looking at something seen, it is looking at the familiar but with a different angle.It is looking at something that is made with love and passion for photography. That person will be able to talk to the picture without using a language, because no one can take a photograph. but someone who tries can make it.

So if you want to make changes and your photography be heard and paid, take pictures that are not only taken by holding a camera at head height. Make a picture at a waist level from another angle than the usual, and make the person who is looking at it – breathless. It is always a pleasure to know that your photos are beautiful, but it is nice to know as Robert Frank said, “When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice”.

This post was written by Melissa Landolt

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