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How to make money from photography?

Everyone tries to take pictures and make money by selling them, but not a lot know where to start.

Here I will give you few tips on how to make money by selling your own photographs.

1. Master your skills and shoot until you are satisfied that your photos give yourself and others a good emotional impact. It is important that you are on a professional level. That people will want to work with you. To know when people start complimenting, ” Wow your photos are amazing” you know that you have reached your goal. It is important to show that you are really into it.

2. It is important to have your own professional looking website with a maximum of 15 photos per each category, where you will use your best work. You don’t know who is looking at your website everyday, so because of that try to have your top of the top pictures uploaded on your website.

3. Find a niche of professionals or business needing your service. That could be hotels, events, weddings, concerts etc. You are getting a lot of reputation if you take a good quality photos from hotel.

4. Get a listing of those potential prospects and study the photos they already have. Take notes on how you can make those photos even better and what would you change.

5.  100 phone calls – one deal! Tell the people who are searching for you photography, why your work will help them do better!

6.  You need to find your social media voice. Make YouTube videos that will be interesting. Show your work! Facebook is great, but Instagram is also getting a lot of reputation lately. Another great social media website is Flickr, Blogging and 500px.

7.  Post pictures at least 3 times a week!

8.  Realize that you can’t count on somebody else doing your sales or marketing for you. Do yourself first, and then marketing will come.

9.  Attract attention when talking to people about your work. Just be different and fun about it.

10.  Persist!





This post was written by Melissa Landolt

I'm Melissa, Freelance Writer. I teach women how to build successful money-making careers out of passions and write photography blogs.

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