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Facts are facts; everybody wants to make money off their hobbies. The fact of the matter is that we are suppressed in all aspects to express ourselves and for a living to actually be created off our individual talents. Society suppresses us, time suppresses us and most of all other commitments and responsibilities suppress us. CSI is the perfect solution to help individual photographer artists to create a livelihood. No commitments, simply upload your best photos and it will be streamlined for the public to see your best work. is the perfect platform which will allow your work to be seen by the vast majority all the while protecting it from being stolen by the vast majority. The platform that will give fame to your name all the while protecting and serving.
It helped me personally by, at the very least giving me a chance for my work to be seen. Of course I could upload on to my Instagram which I do anyways, however, Instagram won’t be giving me any money whereas I will make money off CSI. Best of all, it ensures that my work not be stolen by bigger companies and especially individuals unlike Instagram where everybody is uploading each other’s content now a days and not giving credit.

This post was written by Jennifer Olousen

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