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There will come a time

Every photographer loves to shoot in a moving subject, something that can get a motion off. Something that will be fast like a time machine.

The bestsellers are the pictures that were made spontaneously. It is important to try different post procession and find something new and something unique. Something that with your confidence on when you make what you want, is what the customer claims and needs.

You got to know that there will come a time when you will see some issues and articles about your pictures, about your own work. There will come a time when your photography might be stolen and used in a web advertisement without you knowing about it. But, you also need to know that people can steal, but they can’t never steal what you see, feel and adapt it for commercial use. Good photographers are good in their soul because they are too busy working on their own grass to notice if someone else’s is greener.

If you are doing what you love and you are really dedicated on what you do, you can always get people and profit for your own work. For example, to make some profit from posting your hose pictures on websites, you need to have only camera and lens. Around 70-200 lens are needed so you can have the possibilities of making shots of different poses of a horse. Set your camera on a manual camera mode. Why? Because, it’s better to let conditions like weather, lighting etc, work for a good shot, and you can also control the amount of diaphragm and exposure by yourself.

So, get ready for taking pictures and making some money uploading them on websites, because like i said:

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, but then you will notice that will be the beginning of a new adventure.

This post was written by Melissa Landolt

I'm Melissa, Freelance Writer. I teach women how to build successful money-making careers out of passions and write photography blogs.

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